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Samatech Computers Ltd is an established ICT Service Company committed to offer the best in online presence and offline services which help you to focus on your ideal audience as an approach through which you reach the target market. With its team of professionals with academic backgrounds, international exposure and advanced technical skills, Samatech Computers Ltd has an exceptional bias to offer its customers unique, high quality and reliable services.

These are the Services that we offer

  • Web Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Software Solutions
  • IT Consultancy
  • Computer Training
  • Computers Accessories
  • High Quality Support
  • Software Sales
  • Network Design
  • SEO
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Installation


Samatech Computers Ltd is a cooperate Company that has been successfully delivering IT services from 2008 to date. We have grown to be the market leader in the IT Sector because of the elements which include; professionalism, experience, timely delivery, delivering beyond expectation and our customer relations. Which are further explained in details below;

At samatech computers Ltd, we communicate with our customers throughout the various stages of purchasing, development and after sales services, This communication enables our customer to make an informed business decisions which subsequently results in boosting business operations and making sure the project delivers on the intended goals. This kind of communication also helps us to deliver on our business goals of helping develop appropriate business solutions that solve the customer business problems. Therefore if you are looking for a company that works towards solving your business dilemmas, you are at the right place.

We have the Technical know- how of every aspect of our services including research skills which have elevated us far above our academic knowledge. We effectively work on a specific duty steadily and on purpose to ensure that our clients receive more and above what they expected..

With a team of professionals with solid academic backgrounds, international exposure and advanced technical skills, Samatech computers Ltd has the full capability to deliver high quality services based on the knowledge, practice and systematic involvement of the team.

Through planning, researching, developing detailed project briefs, creating visual concepts with art and technology, considering quality, design, features, packaging and ensuring the work is delivered on time; we deliver beyond expectation. This has placed us among the most competent outsourcing partners on the Market.

Since planning is the core to any business, after gathering information of a particular project, a plan is provided to relevant members for reference and updates throughout the whole process of the project. With this we have managed to do all our projects and delivered them to their destination at the opportune time possible.


Social Media Branding & Marketing
Adobe CS
Customer Support

Our Team Members

These is the team behind Samatech Computers Ltd

Kato Saul | Graphics Designer

He creates visual concepts with art and technology to create catchy graphics for websites, logos, packaging, displays, publications and more

Nabunje Lamulah | Marketing Executive

Manages and controls the relationship between the product and the target audience by contacting clients, socializing and networking with other business people.

Samuel Alioni | Web Designer

Manages and directs Webdevelopment, Social Media and Network Management and Installation Services in the Company

John DEO | Web Designer

Manages Webdevelopment, Social Media and Network Management and Installation Services in the Company

Our Clients & Brands

Some of the clients we have worked for

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